Dearest Dr. Locke (Oh Captain, MY CAPTAIN!) [1]

I may require an additional hour or two if you are willing to accept these changes if not consider what you have here a final draft…..unless you wish the changes you astutely pointed out (sorry Larry Mathews pointed out to me) to be necessary to finish it and resend it to you by Wednesday she will be yours and in far better shape the “short story” which i am calling a faux/reduXtionist pale fire inspired researching paper into the majority of the texts we touched on this year, but mostly meant to imbue a “Pale Fire-Driven hyper-Necro(Neuro-)mantic reading of the Nabakovian, p(Y)ncheon like realities explored as in the ethos of “Imaginary Americans” this semester past.

The reason I am being as open as to which book is being responded to is that I felt a yearning each unit to spend more time with each text (this has always been my experience in classes of such love and abandon).  My multi-subject approach is limiting also though; if I forget too long to recall a trope or line of joke I risk rehashing it too late, thus losing all effect as you noted.  It still does bare some (although you admitted, unnecessary) resemblance in part to my original paper which I honestly felt was too much a “white buoys white shame for having more passion at 16 for Malcolm X[2][] than I could manage to seem to muster these past 2 months.” (see note re: “The White Boy”[3])

i am not asking for special treatment here either, you must be in abeyance with university protocol and I looked at the time just then and realized…I missed my bus, I thought, he either will or he wont, you will always know you tried…just once to be a man about it, put your own card on the table, and say honestly that Al Swearn-jun[4] (aka, “swearing indium?”)[5] was the greatest non fulfilled character arc,  I don’t know if you recall but  I lost my best friend around this time last year. Also you are unaware (or perhaps just lightheaded of the fact), I lost my best friends last year, and for some reason something you spoke of your gramps seems to tell me to just subtly cross that line once, and respectfully ask you tell me if I should give up writing, drop out of school, and go back to the male-neo-arching hegemony (just one btw of many words I will always honor as one which I learned the proper pronunciation of – in the Manichean way of things…)

You told a story of how it took a long time to cry for your best friend. You mentioned that when it came, it came, though, and I only ask of you (one more favor after tolerating g my admittedly deteriorative state of mind and soul[6] )

So the name of the game here for me is begging, knowing full well I will have to even its mere entertaining, of your pity even if only to fail,  a mouthy seen-it-all washout out like me. Keep in mind at all times dear, dear, Doc. Lockett, that I am trying not only to use my ignorant art slang (I was raised by paperbacks and films recall…) in order to extricate myself,  a somewhat whole man, in the end.

As said, I will accept failure, being passed on, and all other legal forms of censure, but I assure you,

“W.A.S.T.E” [7]

My apologies for everything up until now that has passed between us, especially my side, as it was insulting to us both. I will, from henceforth Sir,

Commence a better man. [8]

Table of Contents

Step One- Trying to Warn You 1

Step Two- Scaring the Shit Out of Myself 2

Step Two point oh, or, “Bitches Love Worlds” 3

Step Three- “This One? Real Fucking Ugly!”[9] 4

Step Three and a half                “I killed Um Gilbert!” 5

Step Three and Three Quarters? “Stand By Me meets Thunderdome, Bitch.” 6

Scott ‘loman’ Heffernan[10]

Aka “The Heff”

Dr. Lockett

ENGL 4270 (aka Mind Fuck Kublah Khan, USA)

3RD December 2012 (aka December 5th)

Original Working Title :

Plymouth Girls: Interpreting Oppression in the Feminine Psyche in Toni Morrison’s Paradise:

[Scott Heffernan-Vickers

Doc. Locket[11]

ENGL 4009

September 11th 2019[12.30pm ]

[Insert Abstract Here]

His Idea was simple. A professor had told him that one cannot trust Wiki as a source, and that furthermore one day he intended to hoax them all, his students that is, by posting his own definition for a fictional historic event, Horizon. Then assign a 4000 word essay to said class.

Assignments were handed out, class carried on. Pale Fire. Lot 49. White Noise.

No I The student couldn’t get the notion of Borges’ Tulak/Ukbar, and of self-referencing realities…so He began to title an essay which would become the antithesis of what you now see before you on a screen[13], or page