Gremlin Love.

When you start to fall into someone,
and their language becomes
a million single blades of grass
in a brand new field.

That’s when you are libel to try to skip ahead.

But like every great page ever written,
you can’t enjoy the later without the former.

Simply: It is as though for the first time
you’re watching Gremlins.

So, considering it is a masterpiece,
why would you want to waste that amazing moment,
merely worrying and thinking about Gremlins 2?

I mean sure, Gremlins 2 is also amazing,
but it’s nothing unless you’ve
breathed in every precious scene of its progeny.

You’d be wasting half the fun, no?

That’s how I felt in those early moments with you.

Like I was too lucky to waste that view.
Like I finally
after many squandered shots,
had a great vantage,
one worth savoring.

One worth being in.

Got to gremlins 2 too soon
But caught most of the first ones
That might be called best
With the excitement of a boy
In ocean field of wild
Fireflies that both resist
Yet play with the eyes

I tended to worry over lovers
Their sanity, their bodies

But with you all my teen angst
Set afire at a great and
Secret bible burning man in
Desert eclipse dancing
For days, in my heart not
Heavily rather like every rock
I ever skipped on lake faces
Reemerged simultaneously,
Causing a tidal wave of
Love but also the love of love and it’s
Yes, even it’s instant changes,
Disappearances, and tsunami

I half expected terror to follow
But, the theme here was
Always disbelief,
As is now the conclusion.