ugly and sin worthy

i lay whats left of me

to the mime

and it sighs


back to me

i scrye

i shadow

and get jealous

we creep together in the sharp

edge of lies

we creep into the hope we might conjecture the obvious

cream above our diet

get ugly

get ugly with me

and stare into it with me

for i am but, the simplest child, of all your easy,
orphan thoughts 

i am clasping at it, 


let me lay flesh and the ink that continues as a result let it be as easy a stroke of the name of mine as it possibly can, be


let me break it to you easy


we wasted our time making anothers rhyme

make me yours

and lets creep up together on it

lets swim out

easier, and

betray ours

it will mean

what it will mean

meaningful or


cry and wave with it

we are all

the wave

its intricate part its crescent

its crash