The wrong ones end up teachers you need most
showing you why they’re wrongs are also yours

and how you’ll need to fix your own
before the outcome can be different

but never phased, still dream you

meet someone some similar scene
and time, and you’ll both escape

like some kind of new age cliffhanger

where lovers skip out on hate’s rent


you are the kiss you start with
you are the dance you end on
you are all the best nights,

you always dream this free and
you always ask, first,

“are you always so enchanting?”


in here, in this, with me now
you are the best thing

but for me to really know you


to love you I can’t really get that close

to it, or we will change this thing
this little thing we got right here

is called a conundrum, and it stings
as it is sweet, to be this cool

we have to lose something
been this way since
I was just some kid and skinny

and then, into scrawny
into scaled even,

I have yet to see anything go well

if it was just beds and knobsticks

we still need it to work too
because more than just everything

depends on rain barrels

and there impossibility

that shadows love


and its them we need most
when we run short of lust
when we lose the ghost


and just the skeleton remains

and let me say, is true beauty
becomes  phenomenon to see dance