Getting rid of a
virgin desperation
is like getting rid of
your blank credit score.

You need some to get rid
of having had none
but if you have not had any
then you can’t get any

because you smell
like you haven’t,
and nobody wants to
give any
to anyone
whose never had it.

You’re a zero
in a roomful
of skinny ones.

And contrary to the
optimistic economist
it isn’t getting any easier.

You look a bit disturbed,
maybe some pliers?

Try and loosen the tie
around that thing there.
Well, I suppose it might
be said to resemble
a kind of strait-jacket

I always find what helps is
a long walk with as much drinking in you
(as much in you as you can handle)
and the next day your ears
will only hurt,

if your ear buds
were on blast
and your feet
if you danced enough
will swell in even a loose shoe.

Well yes, technically you
do just have the two,
but no need to dwell on it.

We all start at zero dear.
It’s the equation you liven up the
pages with,
that fucking counts.

We are zeroes desperate
in seeking any kind of
addition through it all.

Some of us though,
secretly preferring

to be a lone