I hope you all think about what the tragic comedian
said about your screen-cave.
We have a choice with our eyes,
and up until now it was the last freedom
outside our dreams we had-
the choice to go somewhere real with the eye.

Now you have an 8 by 8 or
a 12 by 10
and you think you are actually
well within your rights
to choose this
but the truth is when the time
finally comes for you
to realize it
you will already be shackled to the thing

and the time lost
is gone like pre-drop
Hiroshima and you can call it youth
but I would rather be in a kitchen party
high out our minds all night
looking at each other
and talking even if it IS
all bullshit talking
I would take that any day
over this staring down like
we are all at a funeral
for our own damn lives or something.

I would rather kiss.
I would rather be kicked.
I would rather weep.
I would rather run until tired.
I would rather run until sick.

I could go on.
But I hope the point it sticks.

You could have so much more than this.
If you would only

look up.