On Discovering the Song “You Better Get It Before It Gets You” by CCR

Slam a beer.
Slap a face.
Fuck a night off,
its entire face cleaned from the planet
in hustling, hump and grind flesh-theology.

Come with me to the end of the ridge.
I want to show you the animals,
picking at the edges,
like animosity on the end of a throne,
like maggots encircling a trash torn bone,
like everything a junky has, sold or pawn and loaned,
I’ll show you how bold gets you banished from the kingdom,
and then we’ll do shots off the dead body of Rock,
speeding through the wasteland with me,
can you really say your morals were not the
first fucking thing to go?

You stopped questioning it, halfway through
my latest spiel (some kinda movie rant about six degrees of Steven King,
that got around to Hanks in The ‘Burbs)

and we got around to that part about
how piracy was nothing less than
tantamount to giving away free drugs.

(if we were only willing to listen
to the feedback
of our street scapes,
and to play the instrument,
to open the easiest boulevard,
the organic masterpiece,
the portable generation,)

If Only You Were Willing To Die for Living