It wasn’t even her cab but she jumps into it.
We are all huddled in a tent on the front lawn,
it is Southern Ontario, warm night, and the
party is dwindling, the different fragrances of
each freak making their own way home.

We were chuffing a bowl, and it was chotched,
and we had ordered pizza, and I am not sure if it was
there yet but I want to say yes, must have been.
She didn’t know the five of us were in the one tent,
and she just gets in the passenger’s side and
suddenly the music is changed to dance,
and up much higher, and she is half throttling the
driver and some sort of negotiation seems to be
going on behind the glass underneath the bad music,
and then suddenly she asks as if responding,

“What do you mean you don’t got it?”
at which point she threw herself back out and
slammed the door while cursing him.

All of our eyes glistened in the moment.

Someone said, “Ah, clever girl”
And we just all knew the reference and
the laughter, that night, I keep it close.

It is a smiling velociraptor in the troublesome jungle of night.