A beautiful haunting poem by a dear friend.

I ran with her from the barn
covered in hay and smiles
through the fields whipped by corn
chasing the sunlight in her hair
all through my childhood.

I was a lucky boy –she was such a beautiful girl.

She used to hide me in the hammock
spinning me around (laughing) to
cocoon me inside so that my parents
wouldn’t be able to find me and
take me away.

Sixteen years old she was struck by a car
and I had never seen her again.
I know what death is
but I don’t really know what death is.
I know what it’s like to feel your
heart breaking until it almost

God was broken
shattered like glass on concrete or
sunlight through trees or a
face in a closed casket.

I still have a drawing of her on my wall
encased in cracked glass never changed.

Somethings we cannot…

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