Hello again kiddies and
I am once again reporting you live
from the source of her every whim
and fancy! Yes that’s right!

The very core, from where
we anticipate any day another
song to guide the movement!

And look here comes the new line!
Of fashion on the princess and prince
of distracted conscience!
Of mouthfuls stuffed with oil!

It feels like the factory
you worked in with headphones
until the shop master caught you and
put a stop to that forever.

Your working career with about
12 hours on the fleshy
odometer, and awake to the sound of
the great brain washing, the cry, the cry
for something comparable to freeing.

Word now from inside the palace of
delusional pageantry…yes, I do believe
the patrons are coming now. Indeed, Yes!

And there you have it folks!
What grace ! What Opulence!
What Pizzazz!

Look at what the Lord’s daughter wears!
Look at the Lord’s, the new Duke!
The Duchess!
Gasps cannot contain us!

Look how the bereaved soldier brings pride
to the foul stench of this next invasion!

The Matriarch coming now in her grand and elegant poise,
her perfect, majestic conjoined body with the Pat.
They make such an idea image of the State!
The Freedom! The Infamy! It overwhelms!
It destroys our indignant self!

Betrayed! At the very Source of Her!