Something about a good blooper reel for a show you love.
It’s like being part of the family, seeing them laugh and flirt
and kill the tension and keep the momentum and fall apart,
and reveal little inside jokes. It’s the ultimate peek show.

The proverbial meta-televised fifth business.
They taunt the extras jokingly and make fun of the other
Actors, outdoing one another in bravado and ingenuity.

It’s like seeing the kitchen staff break rank
and station and jostle with each other during
service lulls as you head for the bathroom,

or out for a smoke, or just to wander (if you’re
like me and plate check Before ordering);
I’ve worked a few restaurants I know how it can be.

I worked one that had the whole kitchen
outfitted with hard working El Salvadorian
guys who weren’t citizens yet? They worked
them like it too, you can count on that.

Funny thing was wait staff had to
band-aid tats and take out piercings, cut
hair and be white and fairly cute

to cater to the family restaurant image
they were attempting to operate under.
All along a bunch of hilarious jokers
and generous ‘others’ getting ridden
like slaves, while the douche bag who hired
us all sat up front eating amongst the diners
in the middle of lunch like some goddamned
aristocrat. It was enough to make me quit one
night when I had had and done and taken too much.

There’s something exhilarating about
quitting a bad job. I compared the owners
personality to drift wood, I believe.