Are you really as crazy as you seem?


Depends on what you mean.

Do I rant for sport or leisure?

Do 13 car drive thru’s with empty stores and

hordes of text-walkers to clog the halls

really keep me up?




It’s inefficiency en masse.

Cold demeanor walk-by of suffering.

Professional rubber-neck stretched bodies.


Do I sing at night and fill an empty neighborhood in a trail

Of occasional drinking prose?


Who knows anymore, but

I have been known.


Are you actually as normal as the caption implies?

Do parent drop their teen daughters at your doorstep.

Is your chin stone?


I keep my crazy close.

This place is a fucking Sane-House!


I get bored for a split second before

my imagination takes over;

I’ll be in a line somewhere, despite

my best intentions to avoid them

at all cost.


An old woman 4 sheep ahead sneezes.

Nobody blesses her and that’s all the inspiration

my little ginger brain needs.


I envision that we are still

a people who believe in

superstition and everyone

shuns this woman

(a couple pitch forks are already present)

as a

Gargoyle flies in and attacks

her and they all yell


“Burn the Witch!”

All to the beat and hum of DJ BL3ND

in my headphones.


Its midnight and I only needed munch,

but this was worth every step.


And to answer your question,