I’m the Inja starts with a double G.

First ones genius Blue,

next ones redness and

Green, too.


I don’t roll up in nothing

but my goddamn feet,

I walked here like Nietzsche

and Hardy before me,

See, spot,  Run!


I set off topics like you pretend

to shoot guns, rapidly

and at my best lethal.
I count up my references

and citations

you balance & multiple accounts.
I worship no altar but truth,

you bounce around in a
souped up coup,

trucked -in jumpy castle

stadium’s for angry teens.
I disinfect the herd and

re-place with new spleen

every line gets a second and third screening,
every fourth has hidden meaning,
each pedestal is just a staple in a stack more
like the first,
a haystack of Forster
a forest of whores
a showdown?


Maybe with my Shadow-run
maybe with my shadow, and son,
maybe for a battle summons.

But never for mere money alone.