Björn Rudbergs writings

I wrote a little alliterative verse trying to use some of the excellent tools provided by Gay at dVerse. I think i used a few of the tricks. The starkness of the seasons in Scandinavia, compared to the short bliss of summer is what I wanted to show here. Picture is taken a summer day in Bergen, Norway.


come winter withers all the warmth inside
we freeze and fret and in frustration hide
with deep depression and in darkness we survive

but see how ever slowly spring evolve
the life of lightness will us liberate again
from melting maladies sing merry glad refrain

then summer singing sinfully its melody
in greenery so gracefully is greeting everybody
we bathe in blue and boldly sip the sun

with rain we ruefully retreat inside cocoon
and silently and suffering we see the autumn come
a year has yielded only yearning for the…

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