Questions for the Mob (while waiting for a bus)


Have you ever seen cheers?


Have you ever done psychedelics?


Have you taken a bus, on a few tabs?


considered each character

as the bus driver?

Like whether Norm could

would cause an accident,

or Sam would hit on all the girls

so the bus would always be late?

Carla might make a half day before killing someone.

Pennies in her silver slot. Something would set her off.

Cliffs would be empty. He would drive away the

text-(day)-walkers and old women would sit maybe

with hearing aid turned off.  Think about church, cat or

something they love. Tea.


I don’t think you have.

So shut the fuck up, and listen.

And turn off that god-dammed Tele-prison,

I want to educate you on the finer points of high

And low art.


Low art is when you make it.

(For corporate cock flock-herders who have fat and smoke and street corner eyes.)


High Art can be something else entirely.

You can leave the coliseum

walk down the street

and find a tree.

While the rest rock out to something Cool.

Maybe Tool!

And you can manage a Hilroy army or two between when

(You’re kissing fantasy dreams again, again, again[1]).

Lost to the flicker of no more video game screams!

I bet you have nothing on that, O. Henry!

Second Line of Questioning

(Just like the First line of Questioning, only worse)

Have you ever wasted your youth on a screen?

Have you ever been an easy mark?

I bet you have.

I Bet.

“I am art that’s


All shots!

All highs!

All hung!



I bet.”

I get High as your last three

hundred Rimbaud kites,

I dig the Kubla Kahn and an occasional (non athletically themed) diary or two.

Wrote about small impossibly unnecessary scams,

calling them poet cons.

Wrote hard drug literature but only

on weed and a few hits

From the fifth,



Oh, I bet you Have.

Have you ever made it in a church? On a bus? With some friends?

To the brink of light?  Further still?

Oh I doubt it, but let’s try it still…

The Third (the 3rds like the word and the word aren’t no birds)-

In fact they flock in herds

They shame you with a few flicks of their “frail”

Finger tip feather bound form.

So have you ever wished they were you, when you were born?

“Have you seen the newest episode?”

“The system adapts as quickly as the operator now.”

“I wonder where it’s going”

“I bet they end it soon. Season 8 tops.”

“Yeah in my opinion anything that’s not Cheers or Mash or something like that? Anything past 8 is death of story for the purpose of cashing an extra few bucks.”

“Fucking writers.”

“Let’s Kill Shit”

“Black Ops?”

“Zombies or Nuke?”

“Zombies. Always Nazi Zombies”


[1] See The Kids in the Hall scene where the dude has a fist of dollars and a weird looking stripper. Classic.Image