(a poem for KW and the Godfather starlet she is)

Old friend

I will miss you

And our nights

Spent in love

Will always be a secret that even

My own stubborn cocaine ranting

Cannot undo


Old friend

Not sure what I will do without


To blame

While I make love to Mike

Or James

Or Mark

Or David


But I love you still and won’t soon forget

Our earliest night was bloody

And unkempt

Alexander, my friend

I am not coming to choke so do not come to choke


“I crossed a desert….”

Please don’t look for me old Alexander,


This is our exit,

Only our love can remain


After this

I smile when I remember your jokes

After this

I only think about “no momma” and “lenjes bichoff”


Please cry for me

And for Argentina

But do not ever again

Have us in the same sex scene again.


Your darkness and mine chilled,

In truth

They was never dat dark

But I will always be with you.

And I will always fight for you.





Mon Familia. Mon Army. Mon Cherise.


You have lifted me Joanna

From the serious sadness

That grows inside a man

Like a child

Outside your amusement park he cried and wept

But you were always his friend

And now I am overcome

And must share more;

Rising in your friend

Is a new Spirit

And long last babe

I Have Pride

With my entrance into

Your/’re wild

Out back

I am smitten and whole

And I am so very Thankful For You.

It is as though patience has proven herself a patriot and a patriarch to the low brow powet, once again, I am yours.







Oh shit don’t lose my name just change the other boys

The other girls

They shouldn’t have to

Unless they wanna

Go down fighting



“Hume Noted for all time that Berkeley’s arguments did not admit the slightest refutation nor did they cause the slightest conviction. This dictum is entirely correct iin its application to the eatrth , but entirely false in Tlon. The Nations of this planet are congenially idealist Their language and the derivations of their language– religion , letters, metaphysics- all presuppose idealism.”[1]

Luis Borges is stacked

But so am I so why not bl3nd them with miles davis in a silent way right? Right.

But wait

It has to be in FLAC

The miles that is in fact


Because free lossless audio codec is all I have


Let it play

And forever hold my peace

As it is



Or in life in general you could argue this at On film

You wanna await something? Await it.

Im always and am still about taking

Take the girls you want

























I want Halloween 3 as a remix

With dj fork


Instead of ripping some geniuses of


I want to teach these girls about you ladies

Because your story is important

Which means

You need to go get sotries




I kid

Lets be good


[1] You Eat my Pynchon-Shit

Until it tastes good ill

never know what it meant when I found my own universe and saw you there,