Under Employable



I used to babysit my babysitters inner thigh

I used to work at being a paper boy to play at getting high,


I used to steal comics from the comic shop when I was under

Their emp-loy. I used to work.


(Now I work and write.) and write some

Fucking More.


Used to chop meat at


I used to work

at chapters

used to work Shell

on Hastings in hell

or back on d’rock


at Esso on Blackmarsh Road

But now I don’t!

Cause they closed that place down!

But I used to Work!

I used to get Around!


I used to Work!

At a factory!

As a bus boy!

and a cook!


Now I read and

type shit up for cash

which means im

always broke


but ever happy,

and always busy,

and that’s the laugh!


I used to Work! Ha!










I lost my sober footing for a moment

I was talking about work and how it feels but why don’t I just describe it.

Its like the beginning of a good movie;

Like Gremlins,

Edward Scissorhands or Fight Club.


It is that kind of work; the kind that becomes effortless

and doubtlessly demarcates its success

not in itself

but the love it gives

to our childhood or

young adult brains.



Like Clay Davis said in every season of The Wire.


I used to give a shit that a monk set himself on fire.

I used to care

I used to cringe

But now I laugh

And buy a binge


I used to be a poet now

ill be lucky to get compared

to King, not even Poe, ho!


What the hell happened, yo?

Yo yo yo !



Oh right

I gave up my language for a fashion budget,


I gave in to the sick beat without any provocation.


I stopped reading in between trips.

Which was Wrong…



Ah, Right!


I forgot!

I don’t give a shit!




Fuck your mother with a fiery crucifix on the stairway to hell!

Fuck us all with prods and rape our carcass’s!


Oh right!

I almost forgot!

Oh right!

I Almost remembered!

Oh Fuck! That’s all wrong!

Change it to Forget! Forget! Forget!

I can no longer use a Swiss Army Knife!

I am not able to physically open it

So that is a sign

To dance