Also known by some as Lamebridge or ShameBridge or

Or, Paradise aka Hell or De’Preston aka

Galt aka Fault aka Bulk (barn) meets Soylent Green aka PEOPLE!

also known As Drunk Blind and “Feeling Fine” aka Tough!

Aka Rough aka Hespeler aka “No means Yes-puller!” aka “Rhymes with Molested Her”

Aka “(Vickers Childhood) Adventures in Babysitters” aka a fucking jester aka Ginger

Aka the Middle Finger aka In the East aka Mohammed’s Little Red-headed Pirate

Also known as The Purist aka “Crew du Cambridge”:

Also beknownst to us as

the Pugnascious Express, Driven by All of who know slash show slash grow the  best

The Be-Ridden Wizard of Punnery and Funkful Noise; also  known as the Riddler, the Hamburgler or Kiddo!

aka MAH-Fist-Yho!, aka “Vickers is alright though” aka Broken Window?

and More Broken Crack hoe’s

around the corners where 7-11 was aka ditched us due to radioactive dirt though!

Aka known Ass- MUSHROOMS IN YOUR PANTY-Ho’s, Bitch!

Aka Dancing Argentine “Hector” whose fackin’ Taff!,

aka Chawdillac Durn Foe’d Whose Not hahahaha! Aka

“Whose Laughing Now Bitch? Whose Laughing Now?!?!?”aka Dar-Dar of the Elite aka No Homo!

Also Known As; “The Police Car Fire-Dance” aka The Cortez Craziness known AKA The Owl

Aka One of the Real Crowd of Cambridge aka an asylum without visible Fences or Borders

Aka all the bookstores closed but Chapters

aka “Silent Hill Was Filmed here Since We’re Already A Fucking Disaster!” Aka The Streets have Names like “Dead Monkey Boulevard” and “Hellraiser Cube Lane” aka Other Random Shit That’s Equally Insane!

Aka  By 9 pm on Monday the streets look post rapture Aka the only place to be where you can never get back from aka Home aka the Dome aka the Odd Rub and Tug of the Tabu aka At the Rub and Tug with a Princess named “Ju” Aka the Scientific Misfit Whose almost as argumentatively Darwinist as Vickers aka Tim the Science Boy Taylor aka Swift? You Bet! Aka Gambling with Twain! Aka Taiwanese VHS versus Critters 2 aka Critters Plus One More Script aka “Vickers Stop Being A Dick!” aka “Shut the fuck up Vickers” aka “Banana” aka Not Possible! Aka “Weird”

Aka, “The Bridge” aka “the Kids aka Alright” (or Not), are There aka Here

aka “The Roseanne (Motherfucking) Barr!” where Stuffy’s animals all come out to play and people laugh at the shit I say aka

Not the way the rest of the world does what it does, but thats why? Because!